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#WOW 2024 Week 2 | Sigma Solution

Can you recreate this drillable bar chart?

Welcome to this week's Workout Wednesday Challenge! Today, we're diving into the world of Sigma to create a dynamic and drillable horizontal bar chart. While seemingly complex in other platforms, this task is made simpler with Sigma's intuitive features. Here are the steps and content highlights from the video above.

Step 1: Setting Up the Workbook

  • Launch Sigma: Start by opening Sigma and create a new workbook from the home page.

  • Data Source Selection: We're using the 'Plugs Electronic' data from the 'Hands on Lab' section for this challenge, opening up the 'Metrics' tab.

  • Data Element Addition: Add a new table element and select the 'Plugs Electronic' data source.

Step 2: Understanding Metrics

Step 3: Creating the Bar Chart

  • Chart Type Selection: Choose to create a horizontal bar chart.

  • Data Integration: Focus on summing up the profit by region, a detail found in the metrics tab.

Step 4: Implementing Drill-Down Capability

  • Control Element: Add a control element for drill-down functionality.

  • Setting Drill-Down Categories: Begin with 'Region' and include 'State', 'City', and 'Store Name'.

  • Targeting Data: Assign a drill-down target so Sigma knows what to change upon interaction.

Step 5: Refining the Chart

  • Sorting Data: Sort dimensions by profit in descending order for clarity.

  • Drill-down Element vs Double-click: Understanding the difference between these explore options.

  • Formatting Adjustments: Remove X-axis gridlines and adjust data labels and color themes.

Step 6: Final Touches

  • SI Unit Conversion: Change the profit format to SI units for readability.

  • Layout Optimization: Reorganize the elements for a clean, viewer-friendly layout.

  • Drill-Down Path Editing: Limit the drill-down options to relevant categories only.


We successfully created a drillable horizontal bar chart in Sigma in this session. By following these steps, your users can explore any data in Sigma in an easy and clear way.

Remember, the key to mastering Sigma is understanding its components and experimenting with its various functionalities. Happy building, and stay tuned for more Workout Wednesday Challenges!


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