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#WOW 2024 Week 3 | Sigma Solution

Updated: Feb 26

Can you choose the right value?

This blog post will delve into the solution video for the WOW2024 W3 Sigma Computing Challenge. This challenge focuses on building dynamic bar charts in Sigma, where end-users can select different values and levels of grouping. We will explore the different control elements and formulas used to achieve this functionality. Let's dive in!

The Challenge:

The challenge's objective is to understand the difference between control elements in Sigma and how to reference the drill-down level. The challenge builds on the previous week's exercise and introduces a new type of control element. The challenge requires creating options for selecting different locations and measuring options.

Step 1: Add a new Table Element -1:30

Step 2: Create a child visualization or bar chart - 2:15

Step 3: Build the dynamic measure options - 3:18

Step 4: Build the dynamic measure calculation - 5:10

Step 5: Some formatting steps - 7:00

  • Change the measure custom format - 7:10

  • Turn on all Data Labels - 8:05

Step 6: Build the dynamic location options - 8:20

Step 7: Build the dynamic location calculation - 10:10

Step 8: Build the dynamic text title - 11:47

Step 9: Final Formatting and Design - 14:35

  • Move to new page - 14:45

  • Rearrange elements - 14:52

  • Remove bar chart element title - 15:43

  • Resize Text Title Element - 15:56

  • Optional: Vertical dividier - 16:13

  • Hide bar chart grid lines - 16:35

Clarifying Statement from 12:50: When I said, "Sigma doesn't like the fact we're trying to pull in numbers" for a dynamic text element, I meant without identifying the source element of the columns. Dynamic text elements let us reference almost any column anywhere in the workbook so Sigma needs to know what element to source the column. For example, [Price] is in our table element and bar chart, so Sigma needs to know which one to use. To identify the source element, add the name and a "/" then the column name. Since we are also using a Metric, which isn't treated the same as a regular source column, the Metric must be added to the bar chart element to be identifiable correctly. (I added the metric as a hidden column to the X-Axis in this scenario.)

Correct aggregated text element measure calculation.


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